Pag-navigate sa Imong HostRooster Account

Welcome to the HostRooster Dashboard! Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the various features and options available in your HostRooster account.


  • Step 1: Accessing Your HostRooster Account
  • Step 2: Dashboard Overview
  • Step 3: Listings
  • Step 4: Entries
  • Step 5: Messages
  • Step 6: Payouts
  • Step 7: Notifications
  • Step 8: Orders
  • Step 9: Downloads
  • Step 10: Addresses
  • Step 11: Payment Methods
  • Lakang 12: Pag-logout

Step 1: Accessing Your HostRooster Account

Before we dive into the dashboard, make sure you have registered an account on HostRooster. If not, you can follow our registration process. Once you’re registered and logged in, you can access your account:

  • Open your preferred internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser).
  • Type “” into the browser’s navigation bar and press “Enter.”
  • Click on the “Login” button at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your credentials (username or email address and password) and click “Sign In.”

You can also use the “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Facebook” buttons if you prefer.

Step 2: Dashboard Overview

After logging in, you’ll be redirected to your HostRooster dashboard. On the top right corner, you’ll find your username represented by a user icon. Clicking on your username opens a drop-down menu with options such as Dashboard, Messages, Entries, Favorites, Listings, Payouts, Account Details, and Logout.

Step 3: Listings

  • If you’re a host, click on “Listings” to view all the listings you’ve created on HostRooster. These listings can include places to stay, bars, restaurants, and experiences. You can filter your listings for easy management.

Step 4: Entries

  • The “Entries” section contains records of incoming and outgoing entries from other HostRooster users. Entries are related to your listings and may include messages, inquiries, or bookings.

Step 5: Messages

  • Access your message history with other users in the “Messages” section. You can communicate with users who have messaged you or whom you’ve messaged.

Step 6: Payouts

  • In “Payouts,” you can view your account balance. Initially, it may show zero, but as you receive payments from bookings or services, your balance will update. You can also request payouts using the provided options, such as PayPal or bank transfer.

Step 7: Notifications

  • “Notifications” store messages and notifications sent by HostRooster. You can customize which notifications you receive via email to stay informed about bookings and activity on the platform.

Step 8: Orders

  • The “Orders” section tracks all orders related to your listings. It’s particularly useful for hosts to keep an eye on bookings and purchases made by users.

Step 9: Downloads

  • Currently, you can ignore the “Downloads” section, as it may be a feature introduced in the future.

Step 10: Addresses

  • Maintain accurate billing and shipping addresses in the “Addresses” section. Ensure your details are correct and up-to-date to facilitate transactions and ID verification.

Step 11: Payment Methods

  • Add or manage your payment methods in this section. This is essential for both hosts and guests to facilitate smooth transactions on the platform.

Lakang 12: Pag-logout

  • To log out of your HostRooster account, click the “Logout” button.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of your HostRooster dashboard and its features. Familiarize yourself with these sections to make the most of your HostRooster experience. If you have any questions or encounter issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at or visit our helpdesk at Enjoy your journey with HostRooster!

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